There are scientific research showing that homeopathy helps and there are scientific research showing that homeopathy does not help. Homeopathy has long been led to heated discussions between scientists. In August 2005 published an article (Shang et al 2005) again in the Lancet with the conclusion: Homeopathy is comparable to the placebo effect (the effect that occurs when one believes in a treatment).

The big question is: how can homeopathy then bring healing in animals and babies? With them work the psychological effect of the placebo does not? The ‘weak’ response of opponents to this is that babies and animals can not tell you that their complaints and improvements of treatment.

Read more about the debate between supporters and opponents of homeopathy.

Other possibilities are dependent on the severity of the situation.

Enable Help In Crisis Situations

If you as a parent are afraid to do something about your baby, is that IT signal to turn professional help. Make an appointment with your GP. Do not be put off! Demand that you be taken seriously, for the wellbeing of your baby and yourself! It really is not crazy to indicate that you no longer handle the crying. Family or friends to help them often. It is not a solution, but it does ‘air’, especially in such a sensitive situation.

What can you do yourself?

1. Rest

Rest means that you do not expose your baby to more stimuli than he can handle. Approach your baby in a quiet way, pick him quiet and make gentle movements. Always (physical) contact. Babies can tolerate discomfort as they are reassured by a familiar voice or occasional eye contact. They might be afraid to stay, but it is different than when they feel alone at all. You can ensure that you and hold your little baby with at least one hand the child. He’m sure you’re in the area. Do the same with dressing and undressing on the side.

The box is a playground (not a bed) for children from about 6 weeks. Younger babies are not much to look, simply because they can not get to it. Once they have drunk, did a peasant, are changed and even cuddled his newborn babies already tired to sleep. Once your baby is old enough to be alone in the box, offers him than just toys to himself what he can bring. So no baby gym. Such a thing holding your baby, as it were awake. He them too tired to fall asleep relax. Babies who have this control can play on their arms, not before.

Do not hang mobile above the crib your baby and obscure his bedroom while sleeping. Use a wide sheet and / or blanket which may be tucked under the mattress to and can not be losgetrappeld. A tightly made bed gives your baby rests.

Do not unnecessarily burdensome or exhausting trips. That time will come again. Ask your baby is not exposed to (hard) sounds of radio, television, etc. Children can not protect sound, all sounds come undamped ‘inside’ and they know themselves what to do with.

2. Clarity

Uniform means that you ‘activities’ on still doing the same manner (order) on the same old place, or 3x B.

Sleeping on a firm and quiet place (bed).

Feeding far as possible by the same person (Breast or Bottle).

Fixed place alone to play (Box).

Create your baby a predictable and orderly life, which makes him inwardly calmer. Certain rituals offer your baby hold. A bedtime ritual (small) is the best known. According to a short and fixed sequence helps to go to bed from early infancy all to help them to switch from awake to sleep.

3. Regularity

When regularity is often thought to be a (more or less) regular on the clock. This does not mean right!

Regularly is defined as a fixed sequence of sleep-wake-sleep-drink-drink-awake etc. Wake up means. Drinking. Whether your baby now has slept one hour, two hours or three hours. A young baby really can not learn to have patience and be flexible. Feed directly after waking up whatever time may seem difficult and time consuming but in reality it gives you and your baby clarity. By repeating this order, and repeat your baby know soon what is going to happen and he feels as quiet and comfortable with.

Regularity is something that you make yourself. Get to know your baby’s sleep signals and place it after a short but solid bedritueeltje awake as much as possible in bed. If he is put to bed at the right time he will 9 times out of 10 self-asleep vallen.Ook if he just has to cry to switch, you have to accept that. Not to indulge in severity or fear him, but just because your baby yourself a lot if you can give him the opportunity to show that.

4. Power

feed Immediately after waking up has the advantage that a baby quiet gasps and drink. Waiting with feeding makes babies restless and tired, he will “attack” and greedily drink with colic and peasants as a result. Or he drinks ineffective or insufficient because it already falls asleep halfway through the diet.

For questions about breastfeeding your nurse of the health center or a lactation consultant.

Also with questions about formula you can experiment not beat yourself with different types of food. Chances are that your baby namely one problem after another get. Too much and too fast to try new things will also only cause more trouble for your baby. And that while the cry often does not even have to do with the power supply.

If your baby is not true with the maximum amount of formula or if the frequency of sleep-wake-drinking does not get address, please consult with a baby consultant , an expert in the field of peace, regularity and swaddling. Nutrition and sleep can a baby not be separated from each other. A baby looks consultant work with you to all the factors and gives you a complete advice in which all items listed here are tailored to your situation.

5. Relaxation And Sleep

How much do you yourself want to take care of your baby, you know your baby, after all, like no other, take occasionally still here – literally away. A crybaby relinquish for some parents very difficult, ask a relative or friend (s) you trust it and take care of your inner self care regularly for relaxation. Then you are again better able to radiate peace to your baby. Babies are very sensitive, tension they feel its fine, even though you are taking a relaxed attitude. If your appearance is wrong with your inner self, your baby will undoubtedly respond.


Sleep deprivation, particularly structural lack of sleep combined with a feeling of hopelessness, crumbles your perspective at a very rapid pace. Make sure you sleep as much as possible or at least equips. A bedroom weekend for example very good for body and mind. Such weekend means that one parent (usually the mother) retiring to the bedroom and only ‘allowed’ (read: should) rest and sleep.

No business, no TV, no computer, no phone, no more than a good book or a stack of magazines at your fingertips. The baby is brought to power and then picked up again. The other parent makes an entire weekend for the baby and the other children. Guaranteed that mom’s battery is fully charged again after two days. Optionally, these days, even if a rule days, serve to bring the lactation production back on track.

6. Relationship With Your Partner

Be clear at each other. Give your limits. Alternate each other. The other can not always guess what is going on inside you. For mothers is that their emotional balance can be quite disturbed in the first few months so they react differently than before delivery. It feels like balancing. Looking again in each case together the balance. Because the area the problem often understand so bad, it may be that you’re pretty dependent on each other. Undermine your relationship why do not you together just so desperately need!

Finally: Crying Acceptance

an infant younger than 6 months can not be spoiled with attention. The question is how often, when and how you should give your baby attention. Sometimes it helps your baby the best way not to help him here.

One does not know what is the moment when a baby’s comprehension comes to development. It is simply impossible to determine this. Therefore it is important to learn the baby from an early age a little independence. That does not mean parents should leave their baby to his fate and just let him cry. That means that they are there for him (in body or mind) when their baby cries. Baby tries his parents finally tell you. This also means that they lay him upon fulfillment of his needs (Hogg, 2001).

There are many children who just whine or cry before they fall asleep. These babies are not upset, they’re just tired. It is important that you as a parent know what is normal and not normal behavior, and you realize that you yourself affects sleep, drink and cry of your baby. Do not feel guilty about it (to) cry of your baby. you either feel guilty about your negative feelings in relation to your baby. Your baby cries not express to you to make your life miserable. He did it just as hard as his parents!