When parents worry about a crying baby, what are they missing in their search for appropriate help?

Understanding, empathy and / or being taken seriously by the counselor (s) 30%
Practical, useful advice, focused on our baby and our situation 21%
A counselor who guided us through the process, a so-called coordinator 11%
Practical help at home 10%
Contact with fellow sufferers 6%
Current knowledge of care provider (s) 5%
Combination of one or more of the above points 2%
Referral to osteopath, chiropractor or other therapist 2%
Concept of family or partner 1%
I didn’t miss anything, the help I got was good 7%
Different 5%

What was entered under “other”:

  • Recognition that a baby needs security, that people listen and watch what the baby indicates. I am an advocate of holistic and natural parenting.
  • Looking beyond a medical cause, our daughter turned out to be breastfeeding way too much.
    Advice and guidance during swaddling.
  • Attention to the condition of the mother. Nobody said I could get exhausted. That happened after 4 months.
  • Our son was in the AMC IC Neonatology and RKZ. I would have expected more from these two hospitals how to respond when our baby came home.
  • Many experts mistakenly regard a crying baby as an isolated phenomenon. While a baby is always crying for a cause.