Do you want to mean something for (future) parents of a crying baby?

They, and we, would greatly appreciate if you would spend about 10 minutes of your time completing this questionnaire. Depending on the applicability of the questions, this involves a maximum of 20 multiple choice questions.

This survey is intended on the one hand for parents who may or may not be in or have gone through the care program with their baby, and on the other hand for care providers who are professionally involved with crying babies.

There is a lot of assistance for crying babies and their parents. However, our experience is that parents are by no means always (properly) referred. Moreover, many care providers have a defined area of ​​expertise and when the baby does not fit in, parents are (again) empty-handed.

Many parents undertake a long search through different care providers while their baby becomes more and more restless. There is not (yet) an institution or center where all expertise is bundled. We want to make a case for this and we can use all the help of both social workers and parents. With the results of this survey we can bundle knowledge and experience: together strong for good assistance!

The main reasons that we ask care providers for cooperation:

  • Collecting data on the current state of affairs regarding assistance to crying babies.
  • Make an inventory of the situation with regard to the knowledge of the care providers and where there is a need to broaden the knowledge.
  • Inventorying options for optimizing the care provided to parents with a crying baby.
  • How can we make sure parents know where to turn?
  • How can we work well together and how can we shape this cooperation?
The main reasons we ask parents for cooperation:

  • Gather information to give shape to ideas and wishes regarding professional assistance.
  • We are especially curious about how the assistance process went and whether and what you missed in the assistance process. · Combining knowledge and experience.
  • What do you as a parent find important within the care sector?
  • What could you / would you like to do as a parent to improve care provision?