Excessive crying child and the lack of sleep which is the result thereof may be much – sometimes far-reaching – affecting.

Consequences For Parents

Physical effects

A structural shortage of sleep and repeated wake up from sleep, leads to:

  • which disrupted your sleep-wake pattern becomes. How you ‘bijslaapt, “eventually you stay tired and listless.
  • concentration problems.
  • forgetfulness.
  • constant stress, where it’s heard at night crying like most stressful is experienced.
  • increased breathing / heartbeat.


Not for nothing is the sleep deprivation in many countries a proven method of torture. It is an effective way to destroy the ability to think and concentrate.

2. Emotional/Psychological Consequences

If your baby cries excessively much, it is hard to trust that there ever will be a healthy sleep-wake pattern. Logical. Everyone has moments need to come to himself and his battery to recharge. To be ready feel day and night and not knowing where you stand, can be very heavy. If your child cries a lot, you may feel that you have arrived in a downward spiral and have more control over your life. Alternatively, as hopeless experienced your situation.

Emotions that can be caused by a crying child:

  • pity
  • irritation
  • anger
  • fury
  • impotency
  • frustration
  • depression
  • loneliness
  • etc.


Although it is not illogical that you may experience feelings of anger one you robbed of their basic need for sleep, causes anger in such a situation for a chain reaction. Angry with your baby gives contradictory, unnatural and guilt. Weeping deprives you the joy of parenthood.

Exhaustion can be a depression worsen or even trigger. You can get panic attacks.

In 95% of cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome is crying the reason for the shake of the child (Pass et al, 2005). The shuffling of babies can cause serious damage to the brains of a baby/young child. The damage caused by shaking, is permanent and can vary from mild symptoms to death in the worst case. In the majority of cases of SBS, it is not to gross mistreatment. Usually, after the diagnosis of SBS that baby – out of sheer impotence – 5 to 20 seconds is shaken.

3. Social Impact

Crying and fatigue also affect your social life:

  • In touch isolation. Exhaustion you are no longer able to maintain and entering into contacts outside the family.
  • Every opportunity to sleep is engaged.
  • Babysitter finding and/or give away your child is difficult.

4. Other Consequences

Prolonged sleep deprivation can have profound implications for the relationship between the parents, for the other children and self-esteem. A summary:

  • Tension, quarrels, foist another guilt.
  • No need for physical contact and/or sex, just want to sleep.
  • Irritation towards other children in the family.
  • Sleep deprivation for other children.
  • No attention and time to take care of the inner self with all its consequences.
  • Loss of self-esteem and confidence.


A family with a crybaby knows only losers: the parents, other children and the baby himself, he is as much a victim. A crying baby creates distance, while he has the love of his parents just so desperately needed.

Quotes From Parents

“I’m too irritated to even do something with my child. Sometimes I wonder if I love him. ”

“I’m afraid when I think of what I could do to my baby if he cries all night again.”

“My first child has a lot of crying. When he was eight months, I was at the end of my rope and I knew no more that I lived from behind. However, we wanted a little brother or sister for him. I am currently 2 months pregnant and honestly I can not enjoy my pregnancy. I often think of those nights I walked with my son until 4:00 pm and then to 6:00 am my alarm clock went back to work. and each masterpiece and every kiesje where he suffered from. I feel depressed and guilty once and I’m not sure how to proceed. ”

Parents of a child who cries a lot to do many attempts to comfort their child. They experience daily disappointments because nothing seems to help. After a few weeks, parents give up hope and touches the child astray. In the first months of the interaction between parents and child can grow so crooked that it could be decisive for the further course of the parent-child relationship.

Consequences For The Baby

Physical Consequences

Symptoms may as a result of a long and difficult birth or a very fast, powerful delivery – if left untreated – later cause the following problems:

  • do not want to crawl
  • get up early, but napping
  • moderate development of gross and fine motor skills
  • balance problems
  • poor posture of the spine
  • many stumble and fall
  • speech delay
  • fatigue
  • waking up with a headache
  • headache and poor concentration at school


There are in the literature also referred to problems quickly detuned (tantrums), with little sleep to have enough bodies, forgetfulness, restlessness, need a lot of attention, learning disabilities, etc. These problems should be fine in the total picture views be. They can also be caused by prolonged sleep deprivation. And sleep deprivation has again not always a physical cause.